George Glover

George GloverPreforms Every Sunday from 5pm-9pm and Monday, Tuesday 6pm-10pm

George Glover is a San Francisco based pianist delighting audiences as a soloist and ensemble player. His influences and style reflect world-class pianists such as Oscar Peterson, Bill Evans, Chick Corea, McCoy Tyner, as well as other legendary jazz instrumentalists. George delivers a fresh and original approach when he performs as jazz is at the core of his style and improvisation is a key element in his playing.

His professional career began early as he toured and performed with renowned saxophonist John Handy, and popular ensembles along the West Coast and Canada. As solo pianist, musical arranger, and band leader for the Hamilton/Glover Trio,  he performs regularly at historic venues throughout the SF Bay Area.

Scott's Seafood Walnut Creek

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