Leaders at Scott’s Restaurants

Scott's Seafood

I’d like to acknowledge some of the leaders at Scott’s Restaurants and one person who stands out as especially important is Jackie Julien. She is cut from the same cloth as my mother, Lena. My mother had nine children in twelve years. She ran a very tight and organized ship. Jackie doesn’t have nine children, but she does have a family of coworkers that look up to her for guidance.

Jackie started working with Scott’s Restaurants 35 years ago. She applied through a Port of Oakland employment program and interviewed with Ray Chin, a dining room manager and another long-term employee. For two years she bussed tables. Jackie wanted to grow with the company so she worked to increase her skills and knowledge to become a dining room server.

She is a hard worker and a team player. Her goal is to provide an excellent dining experience for our guests. She likes to help out and she goes above and beyond her job title. She works with the managers to create tools to help the front-of-the-house team – bussers, waiters and bartenders – better serve the guests. She’s very modest, but I have seen evidence of her handiwork in projects throughout the restaurant. She regularly checks in with the back-of-the-house – chefs, cooks, pantry and dishwashers – to see if they need any assistance.

Jackie believes that our guests know when we are genuine. She is beautiful, loyal and a life’s treasure. When you work with someone for four decades, you appreciate all their virtues and develop a strong personal relationship. Working with Jackie Julien gives everyone in the company the feeling that everything is well thought out and organized. For me, she reminds me of Saturday mornings with my mother and Lena’s hot cinnamon rolls, and I know that everything’s going to be alright.

Jackie and I look forward to seeing you when we reopen. Remember … Everything’s going to be alright!


Raymond Gallagher, Founder